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Make Like Marilyn: What to Sleep In

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Ever wondered about Marilyn Monroe’s daily rituals or nocturnal habits? When asked in 1952 about what she prefers to sleep in, she responded: “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.” Almost 70 years later, I decided to try the bombshell’s anti-pyjama style and wear perfume to bed… Read on to discover my experience.

Marilyn Monroe with her beloved Chanel No. 5, Photo by Ed Feingersh

Charm Like Chanel

I’ve always viewed perfume as a very luxurious product. In my teen years and twenties, whenever I had the opportunity to request a gift for my birthday or Christmas, I’d always ask for perfume.

My first run-in with Chanel was when I worked on international cruise ships and, during one particularly gruelling sales training session, my truly glamorous goddess of a mentor mentioned her highest recommendation as a successful saleswoman: Wear Chanel perfume. I was perplexed. She explained the intoxicating fragrance is associated with elegance and impeccable taste. Why wouldn’t you want to buy a fine work of art costing thousands of dollars from a person who smells like a queen?

I quietly asked the universe to send me some Chanel perfume.

Amazingly - albeit several years later - I was gifted Chanel perfume through a rather strange set of circumstances. One balmy summer afternoon I was taking out the recycling from my previous apartment, as we separate glass, plastic, paper, etc. (Not the most fabulous chore, but hey, a girl’s gotta do.) And in the glass basket I noticed a half-full bottle of Chanel Chance perfume! I immediately whipped it out, gave it a good wash and drenched myself in the decadence of the treasure-from-the-trash.

Make Like Marilyn

I have a special place in my heart for Marilyn Monroe. With her wide-eyed innocence, joyful attitude and erotic intent, she harnessed her feminine genius to create herself into a dazzling star.

Only recently, I heard her revealing quote about sleeping in Chanel (listen to the clip below). I felt like I’d unearthed a valuable gem of femininity. With Chanel still being my go-to scent, I decided to try it.

Review: What It’s Like to Sleep In Perfume

Armed with my perfume and most fabulous fresh bed sheets, I took some slow calming breaths, channeled Marilyn the bombshell, spritzed myself with Chanel and hopped into bed.

When I sleep in perfume, I feel so indulged with luxury and fabulousness, that I just melt into the reality of it all. I gently intone to myself “I am worthy” of dousing myself in this delicious-smelling gesture and allow myself to absorb the splendor.

Sleeping in my perfume feels sensual and heavenly.

Verdict: Sleep In Perfume!

I’d highly recommend you try it: Make like Marilyn and sleep in perfume! Pick your favourite scent to surround yourself with in your dreamworld. (Why not try this gorgeous Eucalyptus & Mint Aromatic Room Spray from our Self Love shop?)


Enjoy smelling like a goddess. Wishing you the sweetest dreams.

With love, the Self Love Club x

P.S. If someone is lucky enough to share your bed with you, they will most likely love your new bedtime ritual too ;)


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