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Make Like Marilyn: What to Sleep In

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Ever wondered about Marilyn Monroe’s daily rituals or nocturnal habits? When asked in 1952 about what she prefers to sleep in, she responded: “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.” Almost 70 years later, I decided to try the bombshell’s anti-pyjama style and wear perfume to bed… Read on to discover my experience.

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Marilyn Monroe with her beloved Chanel No. 5, Photo by Ed Feingersh

Charm Like Chanel

I’ve always viewed perfume as a very luxurious product. In my teen years and twenties, whenever I had the opportunity to request a gift for my birthday or Christmas, I’d always ask for perfume.

My first run-in with Chanel was when I worked on international cruise ships and, during one particularly gruelling sales training session, my truly glamorous goddess of a mentor mentioned her highest recommendation as a successful saleswoman: Wear Chanel perfume. I was perplexed. She explained the intoxicating fragrance is associated with elegance and impeccable taste. Why wouldn’t you want to buy a fine work of art costing thousands of dollars from a person who smells like a queen?

I quietly asked the universe to send me some Chanel perfume.

Amazingly - albeit several years later - I was gifted Chanel perfume through a rather strange set of circumstances. One balmy summer afternoon I was taking out the recycling from my previous apartment, as we separate glass, plastic, paper, etc. (Not the most fabulous chore, but hey, a girl’s gotta do.) And in the glass basket I noticed a half-full bottle of Chanel Chance perfume! I immediately whipped it out, gave it a good wash and drenched myself in the decadence of the treasure-from-the-trash.

Make Like Marilyn

I have a special place in my heart for Marilyn Monroe. With her wide-eyed innocence, joyful attitude and erotic intent, she harnessed her feminine genius to create herself into a dazzling star.

Only recently, I heard her revealing quote about sleeping in Chanel (listen to the clip below). I felt like I’d unearthed a valuable gem of femininity. With Chanel still being my go-to scent, I decided to try it.

Review: What It’s Like to Sleep In Perfume

Armed with my perfume and most fabulous fresh bed sheets, I took some slow calming breaths, channeled Marilyn the bombshell, spritzed myself with Chanel and hopped into bed.

When I sleep in perfume, I feel so indulged with luxury and fabulousness, that I just melt into the reality of it all. I gently intone to myself “I am worthy” of dousing myself in this delicious-smelling gesture and allow myself to absorb the splendor.

Sleeping in my perfume feels sensual and heavenly.

Verdict: Sleep In Perfume!

I’d highly recommend you try it: Make like Marilyn and sleep in perfume! Pick your favourite scent to surround yourself with in your dreamworld. (Why not try this gorgeous Eucalyptus & Mint Aromatic Room Spray from our Self Love shop?)


Enjoy smelling like a goddess. Wishing you the sweetest dreams.

With love, the Self Love Club x

P.S. If someone is lucky enough to share your bed with you, they will most likely love your new bedtime ritual too ;)


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