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Discover Our Philosophy

At Tropical Temple, we're guided by the powerful force of Self Love.
We support small businesses, female empowerment and your growth.
€ 1 of every purchase is donated to help feed communities in South Africa.
The most significant relationship you will ever build is the one with yourself


At Tropical Temple, our mission is to provide products, practises and ideas that enhance your Self Love. Starting at an individual level, even just a 22% increase in Self Love forms a happier, kinder and more at ease human being. More loving individuals, in turn, offer families, communities, even countries, more cooperation, honesty and acceptance. 


We are committed to improving: How you feel about yourself, the way you listen and talk to yourself and your treatment of your mind, body, heart and soul. 


Self Love

​The most significant relationship you'll ever build is the one with yourself. All other relationships, interactions and experiences are determined by the quality of your relationship with yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, appreciating what your essence is and choosing to be peaceful in this moment… These are touchstones which we stand firmly upon to rise in love for ourselves. 

Tropical Temple

Tropical Temple’s founder, Annemieke, explains the ethereal name is an ode to her favourite English word caressed by a sacred sanctuary: She offers: “Tropical... the word evokes an exotic dream in me. It floats me to sunshine and sea and bliss. Temple is the home I enter when I close my eyes and gift myself quiet time.”



​A powerful woman with flying hair gazes up and out of her shell. Divine feminine energy, determination and excitement flow from her. 



​The products in our Self Love Shop are carefully selected to offer you a way to connect with yourself:

  • My Body is My Temple - Your body is the greatest instrument you'll ever own (to quote Baz Luhrmann). Treat it well.

  • Um-Beyoncé (aka Ambience) - These create a safe sanctuary for you to relax, feel calm and enjoy your gorgeous surroundings.

  • Free Spirit - Meditate. Journal. Give your hamster mind a quiet break. Let your soul rest and recover. 

Editor's Favs

Browse the Self Love Marketplace to find all our featured products, see categories, including monthly Editor’s Favourites. These are our recommended products of the month, as chosen by our Editor, Trudy. 


​Image credits to the wonderful artists helping  create the visual feast of the Tropical Temple website:

Background image on landing page: Theda Bara, queen of silent cinema and vamp, 1920s. Photo by Bettman.


Female Empowerment

​As a female-forward team, empowering women is one of our core values. We honour the powerful women in our circles and aim to offer a hand up at every opportunity we can. Gentle yet strong, the females on our team are committed to applauding each others’ wins and growing through learnings.

As the magnificent Queen Bey said “Who run the world? Girls!” 

You’ll notice our website imagery is focused on physically-varied women. Take a look at our Instagram for some divine feminine inspirational quotes. 

We support males too, of course. And everyone in between and beyond. Every soul is welcome here. 


Contribution to One Bag Full

We donate € 1 of each sale to a South African charity, One Bag Full, which distributes 1,500 nutritionally balanced food packs every week to a local community, Langa. Every purchase you make with us helps feed a child for 2 days! 



​With an educational background in Environmental Science, Annemieke and the Tropical Temple team aim to reduce the company’s negative impact on the natural environment and increase our positive footprint. We offer various sustainable products and support local European manufacturers wherever possible. 


We post a fortnightly journal with inspirational content, all focused on creative ways to experience Self Love. We always start a post with a song for your enjoyment. Some posts are practical - have you read the one on how much we love starting each day by chugging a tall glass of water? Others are whimsical - have you read the post about the witchy spell to attract money to you

Send Us a Love Note

We are growing and would love to grow with you. What would you like to tell us? What do you love about Tropical Temple? What do you not like? What would you like to see more of? Our ears and hearts are open!

Mail us or send us a Love Note via the Customer Support form.

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