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Morning Ritual: Goddess Level

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

How I start my day creates the timbre for my next 24hours. I love my morning ritual. And it really is so much more than a habit or routine, it’s my sacred ritual. When I choose to actually do my morning ritual, I benefit from a calm centred mind. When I skip it, I feel tilted and frazzled. To spend my day as a goddess, I need to start my day acting like one!

Your bed is your sanctuary, a sacred space for dreaming, recovering and making love. Photo by Farah from Burst.

Good Morning, Gorgeous

What did I dream?

What 3 things am I grateful for?

It would be lovely if...

Hello, H2O!

This is my morning ritual. Sometimes it takes me 3 minutes, sometimes it takes me 30.

First in my morning ritual, I always try to remember my dreams. I have my most vivid dreams in the early morning, the few hours before I wake up. What adventure world did I skip to this time? What were my feelings during my dreams? Was it based on reality - people, places, facts - or was it completely unrecognisable and impossible?

Second in my morning ritual, I turn into a space of gratitude. I try to never repeat a gratitude. Rather, I challenge myself to find new ones daily. This morning, I ranged from recognising how lucky I am to wake up warm and cozy in my turquoise bed sheets. To thanking my divine inner wisdom for showing me last night that I can harness plenty of flexibility in my workday. To being grateful for the giggly memory of buying matching mermaid skirts with my mother in Cape Town 2 weeks ago.

Third in my morning ritual, I set my intention for the day. Today, I want to be kind to myself through the food I put in my mouth. That means if I want to eat 2 (or 3) of Green Appetite's most delicious vegan muffins ever, I will do that with generosity and without guilt. That also means I’ll add in some fresh spinach leaves and grilled veggies to my salad tonight to give my body the nutrients it needs to carry me through this wild world.

Lastly in my morning ritual, I grab the crystal water bottle I placed next to my bed last night and I drink it all. It’s 500ml of room temp water. After (hopefully) 8 hours of restful sleep, you can expect your body to be dehydrated! Here’s how I drink my water each morning:

  • Sitting comfortably

  • Eyes closed

  • Long slow sips

  • Breaths in between sips if I need them

  • Drink until that bottle is empty

It is a simple, delicious, hydrating, grounding way to start a day.

ONLY THEN… My feet hit the ground (or nestle into my fluffy sheeply slippers) and I face the day with vigour or grace or, preferably, a combination of both.

SuperWoman Needs Rest Days Too

When I’m tired, I rest. I say, ‘I can’t be a superwoman today'.

Jada, this powerhouse of a woman, reminds us that no flower blooms all year round. Accept and appreciate when you need to just chill.

Nina Simone, yet another queen filled with wisdom, sings in her marvellously husky tones: Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel / It's a new dawn / It's a new day / It's a new life for me / And I'm feeling good.

When you climb into your sacred sleeping space at night, surrender fully and allow yourself the time and space to rest. When you feel your conscious mind rousing as you wake up in the morning, surrender fully to being true to how you feel in that moment. Ease into your special morning ritual and float into your day as the goddess you truly are!

Fill your own cup. Only then can it possibly overflow with enough to share with others.

Take care of you and the rest will follow.


With love, the Self Love Club x

P.S. Right now, go fill your favourite water bottle and place it next to your bed. Your sleepy thirsty self will thank you tomorrow morning.

I just filled my water bottle too.


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