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This is the shortest meditation you’ve ever heard. And the shortest meditation you’ll ever need. No time to meditate? This one is made for you. Courtesy of Britteny Floyd-Mayo (TrapYogaBae), a queen with a bad-ass attitude and brimming full of self love, I simply have to share her wisdom with you today.

Listening to: Roxette - The Look

Inhale. Let that shit go. Exhale. Photo by Martin Reisch via Burst.


Offering yoga classes including self-strengthening mantras (aka ratchet affirmations), twerking and a live DJ spinning trap and hip hop, Britteny Floyd-Mayo leads by example and encourages us all to stand strong and proud. Beyond just surviving, she aims to thrive.

One of my personal favourite ratchet affirmations she guides her trap yoga classes to entone:

‘No’ is a full-ass motherfuckin' sentence.

And ain’t that the truth?!

Too many times to count, I’ve unnecessarily landed myself in a twisted pickle after following my answer of ‘no’ with an explanation. And in explaining my “no”, I offer an unintended invitation to continue a conversation. ‘No’ should be enough. Full stop.


Britteny also values knowing and holding the line on your own worth. She explains:

There is not enough time in the day to convince people to love you, or to want to work with you, or even at the very minimum, respect you.

Instead, she recommends keeping your own peace with you at all times. If someone - anyone - is disrupting that peace, it’s crucial to protect yourself and your energy.

There are many effective ways I’ve discovered to put up a protecting barrier between yourself and another person when necessary:

  • Say it - Express that you’re feeling a weird vibe and excuse yourself from the situation.

  • Use your feet - Turn your entire body and walk away.

  • Cover your belly button - Put your hands over your solar plexus to create a physical barrier to protect your own energy centre, and block the other person’s vibes from entering your zone.


I recommend using Britteny's shortest meditation when you’ve just had enough. When you need to end an experience abruptly and move on sharpish. As soon as you realise you have to protect yourself from someone else’s negative vibes, this mediation is available to you.


Here it is.

Breathe in. “Fuck you.” Breathe out.

That’s it!

How absolutely marvellous.

Use this meditation to untether yourself from people around you. It’s super sassy, extremely empowering and uber effective at changing the energy you’re in.

Use it as often as you like and with as much (or as little) force as you prefer. By breathing out the words, you separate yourself from what’s twirling around you. Take a wonderfully deep breath, mentally push that person/situation/vibe away from you, release it and gain your own power back.

If you’d like to hear Trap Yoga Bae herself (highly recommend), listen to Jameela Jamil and her chatting here.

P.S. Let me know your success or struggle with this shorty mediation in the comments below.


Much love, the Self Love Club x


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Bianca Terwin
Bianca Terwin
01 juil. 2021

Loved this post thank you Annemieke - made me giggle, feel empowered and learn't something new!

01 juil. 2021
En réponse à

So happy to hear that dearest B. It's a goodie to keep in the back pocket and whip out at a necessary moment :)

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