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Focus Music: A Soft Murmur

Curate your own ambient (or, at Tropical Temple as we like to say ‘Um-Beyoncé’) focus music by toggling easy-to-use sounds on this wonderfully comforting website - A Soft Murmur. Select your preferred relaxing background sounds to meditate, study, work, sleep or wash away distracting background noise.

Easily create your own custom ambient focus music to suit your environment.

Distractions for Days

A Soft Murmur landed in my lap as a very happy accident, at just the right moment. I found myself becoming repeatedly distracted by several-times-a-day delighted shrieks of the school kids across the street from my home. I’d dart my eyes away from my computer, and gaze wistfully out the window, watching the children running around, chasing each other and trotting through the sunlight (or drizzle, let's be honest, it's the Netherlands). Their cackles of joy and squeals of excitement kept yanking my attention away from my creative flow and into the playground with them.

Enter: A Soft Murmur. Now, when the school bell rings for lunch break, I pop on my headphones, turn up coffee shop sounds and the distant kids’ shouts mingle into the clinks and chatter of the cute coffee shop atmosphere. I ease back into my work flow.

Even the website’s name - A Soft Murmur - lulls me into a cotton-wool wrapped snuggle puddle.

Home Office: Transformed

Working from home (WFH), just like so many of you, has become my new modus operandi.

Before this global pandemic reality, I was regularly treated to the stimulating variety of working from a bustling office environment (a photography studio always hums busily with energetic creatives), occasionally travelling to other offices for meetings and even the flexibility to sit in a café for the odd change-of-scene work session.

But! For the past year or so, my WFH environment instead either consists of:

  • Sitting at my dining table

  • Curling up on the couch, laptop on my lap

  • Standing at the ironing board (a very handy standing desk, BTW, and absolutely the most joy I’ve ever derived from an ironing board)

Since stumbling into A Soft Murmur, coffee shop sounds are what I play when I long for a cute café work day. I half imagine a waiter passing by to offer me another cappuccino or a slice of their specialty banana bread.

The (angel) Gabriel, creator of A Soft Murmur, also recommends it:

“… try listening to the Coffee Shop sound to transform a single, distracting voice into a pleasant background murmur.”

- Gabriel

Meditate. Sleep. Meander.

The website is also cleverly geared towards ambient sounds for meditation (waves and singing bowl, anyone?) or falling asleep (how about some distant rumbling thunder to make you feel extra cozy in bed as you slowly drift to dreamland?)

It’s designed with a timer function, so you can set your chosen focus music to stop playing after a certain amount of time - either altogether or fading out gradually to silence.

Or let the focus music find you by pure chance, by selecting the Meander function:

“If you want some more variety, try the Meander function (the button that looks like a squiggly line to the left of the play button).”

- Gabriel

Try A Soft Murmur and let the focus music channel your energy straight into the task at hand. Whether it be work, study, meditation or sleep.


With love, the Self Love Club x

P.S. What is your favourite A Soft Murmur focus music combination? I’d love to try it. Comment below.


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