Self Love is on its way to you...

Harness the ancient Chinese healing technique of Gua Sha to create a loving moment for your gorgeous face.


Spread your favourite moisurizer on your skin and firmly roll your Jade Gua Sha Roller across your face. Roll down your neck, from the inside of your face to the outsides and to the outsides of your forehead. Enjoy the blissful benefits: believed to range from reducing fine lines and wrinkles, to increasing circulation, to stimulating your lymphatic system.


Choose cooling Jade (the most traditional Gua Sha stone) to balance your emotions.

Jade Gua Sha Roller | Set of 3

€ 14,75Price
  • Includes:

    - 1 double sided oval Jade roller

    - 1 round Jade roller

    - 1 Jade Gua Sha stone

    - Gift box or bag