Self Love is on its way to you...

Dedicate a moment to sit with this cushion and enhance your intuitive powers: tap into your 3rd eye. Sit with it, close your eyes and see a purple light pulsating between your brows.


Your 3rd eye is the seat of your intutive wisdom.


In navy and light pink varieties, this cushion and its all-seeing eye adds wisdom and insight to any space you choose.


Place it on your bed, couch, favourite chair, in your meditation area or home office. Let the embroidered eye's gaze bring a new awareness to the room.

Eye Love You Scatter Cushion

€ 16,75Price
  • Specs: 45cm x 45cm (17.7in x 17.7in)

    Material: Canvas, cotton, polyester (backing has zip for easy removal)

    Not included: Cushion inner